AllSeq Consulting is a business and management consulting department that is built on top of AllSeq Inc. Our Sequencing Marketplace provides unique market information and connections, giving us an unparalleled position in the Genomics and DNA Sequencing Market, all of which we use to solve our clients problems and projects.



AllSeq Consulting was launched in 2015 to enable our clients to make smarter commercial decisions when working within the fast developing Genetics and Genomics industries. Our consulting services build on proprietary market data and knowledge gained via our experience as owners of the “Sequencing Marketplace”, as active strategy consultants and business developers in this industry since the early 2000s, and via our large network of experts and genomics consultants. Therefore we can often solve our clients' problems and business cases like no one else in the world.



The AllSeq Sequencing Marketplace

Check out our next generation sequencing marketplace or learn about the latest sequencing and genomics technologies available. 

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